Customer service

What is Sky food?
Sky food is the new low - cost web portal for food ordering. We have developed a new web portal, with a focus on speed and price consciousness. By introducing a new web portal, we can ensure both you and your customers several new features. You can still keep the agreements that you may have.
How the system works?
Your customers can order via SMS, APP or on the WEB portal. To be able to order through skyfood system customers need to validate their mobile phone because entire ordering process goes through a mobile. After placing order, order is sent to the restaurant to the POS printer within 1 minute of placing orders. On the snippets of POS printer, you will see customers order, products, adress, time of delivery and costs. You accept or reject the order, depending on whether you can or not meet customers requirements.
If you accept order you will be able to choose time of delivery, if you think that you can not deliver products to the time that the customer ordered. Costumers can add a note which relates to a special request. On POS printer, you have option to enter / change the price if it differs from the listed price.
If you reject order, you will have option to choose a reason of rejection. Your customers will be notified by SMS about the status of their order (accepted or rejected) within 1 minute of your activities.
What are the advantages of joining Skyfood?
Fast and cheap
You get a Danish cheapest and fastest service for food ordering. For a minimal investment you will get a very efficient and prompt service.
You will avoid the stress of busy period, errors with ordering, errors in delivery. In the shortest time you will recieve customers order on the POS printer, and witin 1 minute customer will recieve your answer. This will save you time and money.
Excellent service
You can enable to your customers self - service by putting a tablet in your restaurant so will give them a pleasure.
You can decide whether the food need to be collected or you have delivery. Whatever you decide, customers will be notified within the shortest period. You can offer your customers an extra service and send a text reminder extra good discounts or member deals.
Economic advantage
Your cash flow benefits you and not your provider. Customers will be paying directly to you. You no longer have to wait 15-30 days on your own money.
You shall ensure that all your existing customers will be referred to your new website on the web portal
How to Get Started?
Call 52 645 645 for instructions how to register your restaurant on