Customer service

What is SkyFood?
SkyFood is the easiest and fastest system for online food ordering from restaurants.
Food can be ordered through the web site or SMS to the phone +4552787787.
With online ordering you will not have to wait in restaurants until they prepare your food or someone from the restaurant to answer and take order by phone.
You determine when your food will be ready. An important advantage of skyfood system is sms notification system. In the shortest period you will be notified via SMS if your order is accepted and at what time your products will be ready. You will not have to wait for mail or contact customer service if your mail does not arrive on time.
Ordering through the website - Skyfood
How the system works
To be able to order through skyfood system you need to validate your mobile phone because entire ordering process goes through a mobile. During registration, system sends you a code via SMS which you enter when logging into the site.
After placing order, order is sent to the restaurant. Restaurant accepts or rejects the order, depending on whether they can or not meet your requirements. You will be notified by SMS about the status of your order (accepted or rejected) within 1 minute of the activities in the restaurant.
Registration on Skyfood is performed through validation of your mobile phone.
Select Sign up and enter your phone number. The correct phone number format is international format that contains only digits (e.g. 4512345678). After 1 minute you will get the password with which you can login into the site.
Only Danish phone numbers are accepted.
Login and change account
When you are logged in, in My account you can change and refill your information by clicking Edit account. You can change your password by entering a new one and clicking submit. To process of ordering goes faster, enter your address or multiple addresses to which your orders would be delivered.
There are a few simple steps to order food online:
  1. Click on the site logo to start the ordering process
  2. Enter postal code of your address and choose do you want to collect order at a restaurant, or to be delivered to your address.
  3. Select a restaurant. In restaurants page you can find the working time, the cost of delivery and contact.
  4. Select the product you would like to order by clicking on the plus sign. If you are ready to place order, click "Checkout".
  5. It will be open the Order Details page, where your basic information is most automatically filled in by logging into the site. You need to fill in the following fields:
    Delivery / Collection - Select do you want your order to be delivered or want to pick up at the restaurant.
    Requested for - select the time at which you want your order to be ready.
    Comments - enter a comment or note relating to your order.
    If you are ready, click Confirm order.
  6. The system will forward your order to the restaurant. Within 1 min of response in the restaurant (acceptance or rejection) you will receive an SMS with the answer of restaurant.
What if message does not arrive?
That means that the restaurant has not yet responded to your request. When the restaurant answer, you will get an SMS. If the restaurant does not respond within 10 minutes the system will send you SMS that the order is rejected.
Ordering by SMS
You can order food via SMS to the number +4552787787.
On the first line in sms put shortcode
of the restaurant, next lines are for order items.
At the end it is necessary to enter a shortcuts C or D.
C for collect
D delivery
The maximum length of an SMS is 150 characters.
Let’s see few examples...
If you want to collect food at a restaurant, SMS should look like this:
1x pizza capriciosa (large)
1x coca cola 0.5
2x fanta exotic 0.33
1x pommes frites (small)
<sms_restaurant_code> is shortcode of the restaurants from which you want to order food. Every restaurant in our database has unique shortcode.
Check restaurant page on our website or restaurant promotion flyer for its shortcode.
After restaurant shortcode sms should specify products you want to order, each on separate line C on the last line stands for collection.
For example If you want your food to be delivered to the address, SMS can look like something like this:
1x pizza capriciosa (large)
2x coca cola 0.5
D on the last line stands for delivery.
After sending an SMS you will receive a message that your order processed and to expect an answer within 10 minutes.
Your order (ID 654321) is being processed by SkyFood.
Please expect order confirmation in the next 5 minutes.
When the restaurant answers you will receive a response.
Your order (ID 654321) has been accepted by the Restaurant. Please expect delivery around 14:15.
It is not necessary to enter the address in the SMS as because it will automatically use the address you entered when registering on the website.
If you want your order to be delivered you need to be a registered user. Unregistered user will receive the following message:
Please first register on our portal
before you can choose food delivery.
If you want delivery to a different address then please specify in the message. For example:
2x pizza capriciosa (small)
1x coca cola 0.5
1x fanta 0.33
Peter Schmeichel
Vandtårnsvej 15, 24
3460 Birkerød
When ordering via SMS is not possible to choose the time of delivery, the restaurant will deliver food as soon as possible. It depends on the restaurant usually it takes 30-60 minutes from the time of order. After the restaurant accepts your order you will receive an SMS that your order is accepted and in that time you can expect or pick up the order and at what price.
When you order the first time via SMS you will receive a password for logging into the site as in example:
Thank you for using SkyFood system.
Your password for accessing our Web portal is ZXCVBN123
Password in this example: ZXCVBN123 you would use when logging in to a website.
If something did not enter right you will get answer that SMS format is bad.
SMS ordering is only possible with Danish mobile phone numbers.
Ordering through mobile apps
Android application is in development. You will be able to order using android apps very soon.
Order cancellation
You can cancel order by sending an SMS to the number +4552787787.SMS should look like this:
cancel 654321
654321 in this example is order number that you have got via SMS when your order was accepted. If everything is ok you will get sms confirmation that your order is canceled.
Your order (ID 654321) has been canceled.
Order cancellation must be carried out within few minutes of placing order. If the restaurant has start processing of your order you will get a text with the following content:
Sorry, order 654321 is being processed by the <restaurant_name> and CANNOT be canceled.
How do I know that my order will be delivered?
If you received an SMS, that means that the restaurant saw and responded to your request. Restaurant informs you about the time your order will be prepared. If the time differs from the time you enter at the site, it means that the restaurant is in crowd and that is the shortest time in which your product can be prepared. If the order is accepted restaurant is able to respond to your requests.
What is the shortest collection/delivery time?
Preparation time depends from restaurants on average it takes 30-60 minutes from the moment when the order is placed. In the SMS that you will get a response from the restaurant you will see the time in which you can pick up your order at a restaurant or expected delivery to the address.
How much is the delivery costs?
Delivery costs depend on the restaurant and you can see them on the restaurants page in addition to basic information about restaurants, working time and contact.
My order has not arrived at a certain time or is incomplete?
If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact the restaurant. Contact details can be found on the restaurants page on site is a mediator between you and the restaurant. Our responsibility is reflected in in achieving good and fast communication, and everything else related to orders is responsibility of restaurant.
My order was not delivered?
If your order was not delivered, please contact the restaurant. When your order is forwarded to the device in restaurant, restaurants accept or reject order, then you recieve sms with answer of restaurant. If the restaurant did not respond within 10 minutes you arrive sms that the order is rejected. If your order is not delivered, and the SMS you received note you that the order is accepted full responsibility is on the restaurant.
How do I pay for my order?
You can pay orders by cash or credit card in a restaurant or to courier on delivery. In this way you avoid problems or complications if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product or service and you want your money back.