About us

Who we are
Skyfood is the system for online and mobile food ordering, designed to connecting hungry diners with local restaurants. It is the easiest and fastest system with a focus on speed, simplicity and convenience for both the customers and the restaurants. In just a few minutes your order will be forwarded to the restaurant. You continue communication with the restaurant. About the status of your order, you will be notified via sms. Quick, easy, cheap and reliable.
Skyfood is powered by development, design & customer support team, who is dedicated to making Skyfood the most appropriate for the customers and for restaurants. Our team is focused on keeping our members, customers and the restaurants happy and satisfied.
Our Power
  • Order a meal wherever you are
  • Quick and easy food ordering
  • Mobile phone validation
  • Ordering via SMS, APP or on the WEB portal
  • SMS notification about order statuses
  • Cheapest and fastest service for restaurants
  • Excellent service
  • Marketing benefits
Our Vision
Our vision is to provide our members the system for ordering food that is easy to use, fast, reliable and secure. Using modern technical solutions, we have achieved our initial goal. We will constantly work on improving the system, to offer our members superior service, benefits and pleasure.